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  • Developer: Grasita Games
  • Expected Release Date: 2024
  • Platforms: PC
  • Price: (To be confirmed)
  • Availability: Digital Download Demo (HERE)
  • Languages: English
  • Press Contact: hola@grasitagames
  • Website:


KIDDO is a point & click adventure game full of puzzles with a distinct beautiful hand-drawn style and an ironic sense of humor. The story follows the life of Kiddo, a socially isolated kid, whose life’s biggest achievement consists of watching TV and eating pizza.

Years and years had passed and you are still there, sitting on your sofa wasting your life away.
You have lost everything you once had. No motivation, no friends, no job and your house is falling apart.
But not everything is lost, there is still someone that cares about YOU no matter what.
Would you be able to get up and start again? Are you ready to give it another chance?
Come on Kiddo!

This game is for YOU if:
-You are bored
-You like unexpected puzzles and challenges
-You like a good story
-You like old school hand drawn aesthetics
-You have been in the dark hole



Download all the images as a nice a compressed file: HERE


GRASITA GAMES is an independent video game developer collective based between Madrid, Rotterdam and Ghent. Established in 2019, Grasita Games likes to experiment and play, creating games that are a direct response to its surroundings. They use everyday experiences as a starting point to generate new prototypes. 


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